Team Love: Team Edward

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

You may have noticed my growing collection of Team Stickers, over on the left hand side. It is pretty much a list of boys that I would marry if they were real *sigh*. Let's just pretend, for now, that they are. You don't do that anyway? Well, I do...

Moving on. My list of boys contains the sexy and the sweet, the good and the bad, but never the ugly. Unless you are looking at pictures of Jamie Campbell Bower from The Mortal Instruments movie.

Team Edward (Twilight)-

This isn't exactly how I pictured him, I just didn't want a picture of Robert Pattinson :)

Edward Cullen... He was probably my first book boy crush back in middle school. Even the movies have ruined the reputation of the saga, and my view of Edward, I still count the book version as one of my Teams. Though I am team Jacob in the movies (only because Taylor Lautner is really good looking), Edward was always the one who pulled on my heartstrings while reading the books. 

Not only is he tall, handsome, attractive, nice smelling, and smart, he is totally in love with Bella. Yes, yes, I know he struggles with trying not to kill her, but I find it so cute that he loves her so much, when he could probably just have any girl ever.

I still can't decide if I am going to watch the last Breaking Dawn movie. I probably should, because I have seen all of the others at the midnight release, I'm just kind of done with them by now. However, I think any time I go back and reread Twilight, I will still love Edward Cullen.

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