Team Love: Team Adam

Monday, November 5, 2012

You may have noticed my growing collection of Team Stickers, over on the left hand side. It is pretty much a list of boys that I would marry if they were real *sigh*. Let's just pretend, for now, that they are. You don't do that anyway? Well, I do...

Moving on. My list of boys contains the sexy and the sweet, the good and the bad, but never the ugly. Unless you are looking at pictures of Jamie Campbell Bower from The Mortal Instruments movie.

TEAM ADAM (Shatter Me):

Amber Skye, my affiliate and commonly known as my partner in crime by most of our teachers, and I have recently been fangirling over ADAM KENT (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee). I pretty much fell in love with him on the first page of his existence in Shatter Me. He is PERFECT. Like, perfectttttt. He's basically a book version of Jack Dawson and Westley from the Princess Bride, except a tall, gorgeous soldier with brown hair and blue eyes. Not to mention, he is the sweetest boy alive. Well, the sweetest boy in Shatter Me. Some of his quotes...I just can't take it.

"He whispers, "You have no many times how much I've thought about you. How many times I've dreamt" -he takes a tight breath- "how many times I've dreamt about being this close to you." He moves to run a hand through his hair before he changes his mind. Looks down. Looks up. "God, Juliette, I'd follow you anywhere. You're the only good thing left in this world."

"He smiles a small smile. His lips twitch like he's trying not to laugh. His eyes soften as they study my own. "There's very little I wouldn't do for you."

He is just adorable. Team Adam all the way. I really don't understand how anyone can be Team Warner, when Adam is so amazing and sweet and dedicated to Juliette. All I know is that if I ever meet Tahereh Mafi, I will probably fall on the floor and worship her feet for creating such a wonderful boy. I CAN'T WAIT FOR UNRAVEL ME!


  1. SO TRUE. Adam is just beyond amazing. End of story. I adore him.

    And what the heck is Team Warner? WHY is there a Team Warner? It shouldn't exist.

  2. I love him. So much.

    There should not be a Team Warner. I'm all for people picking teams when it actually makes sense for both people to be with the girl: Team Peeta vs. Team Gale, or Team Xander vs. Team Ky. It just doesn't make sense, though, when the other guy is EVIL and Juliette doesn't show interest in him once.


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