Teaser Tuesday...on Thursday!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Teaser Tuesday is a meme created by MizB at Should Be Reading and it's open to everyone! Here are the instructions from my affiliate, Amber at Reading Addict:
-Grab your current read.
-Open to a random page.
-Share a couple of “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page.
-BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)

"...I'd just lain back inside my glass coffin and waited for the my handsome prince to come rescue me.
That's how I hadn't noticed the evil. Not the kind people like to pretend is real, the kind they tell ghost stories and make horror movies about.
But the real evil that had been roaming the halls of Westport Academy for Girls, looking for the sweetest, most innocent victim it could find
By the time I finally realized there are no handsome princes- that it was all up to me...that it had always been up to me- it was too late."

I am doing this week's Teaser Tuesday on a Thursday, because the book came out yesterday and I just couldn't wait until next week to post it! As far as I am concerned, Meg Cabot could be the Queen of any genre she liked. And so far she has proven to be very versatile with books ranging from the Princess Diaries to Ransom My Heart to Abandon. I have always found the story of Persephone to be intriguing, and the new, modern-day spin has rekindled my love for the myth.

The Mortal Instruments: Amber and Eliza's Cast List

Saturday, April 9, 2011

After finishing City of Fallen Angels and hearing that City of Bones is being made into a movie, my affiliate, Amber from Reading Addict, and I have been thinking about our perfect cast. Well, I say perfect, but we can't get the characters exactly right. They never match perfectly with the characters of the books, but we have tried to get it as close as possible.

Lily Collins as Clary Fray

Lily is the only person who has officially been cast, so we didn't see the point of bothering to cast someone else. At first, I was extremely upset, but as the news has set in, I have become more accepting of her. I think will curly red hair, like in this picture, she looks like an acceptable Clary.

Alex Pettyfer as Jace Wayland

Alex is as close to Jace as you can get! He's extremely attractive, tall, blonde, funny, and I can definitely see him pulling of the Shadowhunter clothes. Both Alex and Jace are amazing!

Logan Lerman as Simon Lewis

At first, I wasn't sold on the idea of anyone playing Simon. I have swiftly become a fan of Logan Lerman playing him though. I absolutely loved him in Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and I can see him changing from a nerdy boy into a cool vamp.

Darren Criss as Magnus Bane

I fell in love with Darren after watching him on Glee! He is as close to Magnus as I think is possible, and he can pull off the crazy clothes and glitter.

Douglas Booth as Alec Lightwood

Douglas is pretty much my ideal Alec. He's definitely my first choice as the dark and intriguing Lightwood brother!

Katie McGrath as Isabelle Lightwood

We had a hard time casting Isabelle, but we finally came across Katie McGrath. I think she could be a great fighter and her dark intensity is perfect for Isabelle.

Troye Sivan as Max Lightwood

I always liked Max. I thought he was a cute little boy who knew more than he let on. I think Troye could play that well.

Ewan McGregor as Luke Garroway

Oh Ewan, you are amazing. I have loved him ever since I watched Moulin Rouge. I think the amount of different characters he has played show that he is a versatile actor and I think he would be a great Luke!

Julianne Moore as Jocelyn Fray

I'm not quite as on board with the idea as Amber, but I can see the resemblance to the Jocelyn in my mind. I can't find anyone better!

Viggo Mortensen as Valentine Morgenstern

Valentine was the only character that Amber and I disagreed about. She loves Viggo from The Lord of the Rings and can only see him as a good guy. I, however, can see him as the evil guy. What do you think?

Max Irons as Sebastian Verlac

Oh my, he is incredibly good looking! I can definitely see him as Sebastian from City of Glass.

Idina Menzel as Maryse Lightwood

Although I don't know how to pronounce Maryse, I think she is a tough character who is struggling inside. Idina Menzel would be great, in my opinion.

Jeremy Irons as Hodge Starkweather

I always thought of Hodge as the mentor and I think Jeremy would be a good fit. I also find it amusing that Max Irons is his son. :)

What do you think of our cast list? Let me know in the comments please!!

Review: City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Title: City of Fallen Angels
Author: Cassandra Clare
Series: The Mortal Instruments
Book #: 4
Page #: 424
My rating: 4.5

City of Fallen Angels takes place two months after the events of City of Glass. In it, a mysterious someone’s killing the Shadowhunters who used to be in Valentine’s Circle and displaying their bodies around New York City in a manner designed to provoke hostility between Downworlders and Shadowhunters, leaving tensions running high in the city and disrupting Clary’s plan to lead as normal a life as she can — training to be a Shadowhunter, and pursuing her relationship with Jace. As Jace and Clary delve into the issue of the murdered Shadowhunters, they discover a mystery that has deeply personal consequences for them — consequences that may strengthen their relationship, or rip it apart forever. Meanwhile, internecine warfare among vampires is tearing the Downworld community apart, and only Simon — the Daylighter who everyone wants on their side — can decide the outcome; too bad he wants nothing to do with Downworld politics. Love, blood, betrayal and revenge: the stakes are higher than ever in City of Fallen Angels. (taken from Goodreads)

CoFA Countdown!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

City of Fallen Agels by Cassandra Clare is being released TOMORROW!! I am so excited that I can't even express my joy and anticipation in words. I've been wracking my brain, trying to figure out the answers to the teaser questions from the covers.

Who will be tempted by darkness? Simon or Jace maybe? Who is lost?? Is it Clary and Jace? Destruction or Salvation? Hopefully salvation from the evil that stole the person in the City of Lost Souls...It's too exciting!!

What do you think? 

Here is my favourite teaser Cassandra Clare has released. It definitely does tease...

"Jace and Clary, midbook.

The alley and the music all fell away, and there was nothing but her and the rain and Jace, his hands on her... He made a noise of surprise, low in his throat, and dug his fingers into the thin fabric of her tights. Not unexpectedly, they ripped, and his wet fingers were suddenly on the bare skin of her legs. Not to be outdone, Clary slid her hands under the hem of his soaked shirt, and let her fingers explore what was underneath: the tight, hot skin over his ribs, the ridges of his abdomen, the scars on his back. This was uncharted territory for her, but it seemed to be driving him crazy: he was moaning softly against her mouth, kissing her harder and harder, as if it would never be enough, not quite enough —"

To read the other teasers from City of Fallen Angels and Clockwork Prince, click HERE.