Dream Cast: Losing It by Cora Carmack

Friday, November 9, 2012

I recently read Cora Carmack's book, Losing It, and she also recently posted about a contest on her blog: make your dream cast for Losing It (read the post HERE). So obviously, I hopped right on Google images, and searched for swoony boys that could possibly be my perfect Garrick. I did find a boy, which became the basis of my contest post, but he is not the PERFECT image that I see in my head. So, here we go...


Aka, my favourite swoonerific boy from Losing It. I always have a hard picturing blond book-boys as blond. I always end up picturing a brown, swishy hair type boy. And let me tell you, I picked a hot one this time, JED TEXAS.

*swoon* He. Is. Lovely. And he's English, so that's a plus if they ever make the movie! He's 6'2", with blue eyes like Garrick. He's about as perfect as I think I could get to match it to my mind. Well, I saw him and decided I didn't need to look any further anyway.


Bliss was a hard one for me, because she doesn't really describe herself much, and she doesn't have the highest of confidence levels. I pictured her with long brown hair, and I saw her as pretty but without the confidence of someone who knows they are pretty. I found this picture, and I actually have no idea who the model is, but I liked her for Bliss!


Okay, even though my heart left me when Garrick arrived, I still found Cade absolutely adorable. As Bliss' best friend, his commitment to her was so sweet. He was the perfectly cute friend, too bad Garrick was hotter.

For Cade, I chose Landon Liboiron, because I thought he had a sort-of boy-next-door, sweet look about him. Cade is reliable and emotional, and I could see that being a possible for Landon as an actor.


Kelsey is Bliss' friend who forces her to go out and be sociable, which leads to Garrick and Bliss meeting (Thank you Kelsey). I picture her blond and pretty, the typical pretty girl who is attempting to be an actress. I don't know this girl's name either, but she fits my description of Kelsey :)

What do you think of my dream Cast? Look out for my review of Losing It, coming soon!

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  1. YES YES YES. Especially Garrick! Love that choice. Great post :)


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