Pondering Book Trailers

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Book Trailer #1: "OOOOH That looks good!"
Book Trailer #2: "EW that looks horrific. I will NOT be reading that."

This is basically what every sleepover I have ever had with my affiliate, Amber Skye, sounds like. She forces book trailers on me...literally, holds my eyes open to make me watch. Okay, maybe that is a little exaggerated.

Anyway, my point is that I have never been a lover of book trailers. Honestly, I had not seen a book trailer until Amber came along...and I'm not entirely sure whether or not it is a good thing that I have now seen them.

If I watch them, I tend to make a decision based on the awful acting, bad script, etc., and it can skew my opinion of a book I had on my to-read list. On the other hand, the trailer could be awesome, and I might need to add that book to my list.

I know my feelings are ambivalent, so I can't quite make a concrete statement: Yes, I like book trailers, or No, I don't.

I have seen good, and bad, and they sometimes bore me. However, if I start watching them, I have difficulty stopping because there's that annoying, yet amazing list on the right side of Youtube screaming at me "Oh, you just want to watch ME before you log off."

And now....I don't really know where my pondering was going. What do you think about book trailers?

A book trailer that I didn't like, Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi:

A book trailer that changed my mind for the better, was Insignia by S.J. Kincaid:

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  1. I still can't wait to read Under the Never Sky. Even though I thought the acting in the trailer was terrible, the trailer did convince me that the story was worth looking into. The Insignia trailer is one of the main reasons I read the book, and I really enjoyed it!


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