Pondering eBooks vs. Physical Books

Monday, November 19, 2012

As physical books have started to become more obsolete, I struggle against the majority of people rushing for eBooks. Kindles, Nooks, the Sony eReader, and other electronic books have begun their takeover on the internet.

I will admit that I own an eReader, however, I still yearn to turn physical pages and see the progress I'm making in a book. I still have an extensive collection of physical books, and the dream of having a house with my personal library in it someday, sliding ladders and all.

I will not argue that electronic readers have not revolutionized reading, and made it available for a larger market. It also allows travelers to carry around hundreds of books, without breaking their back, or the bank when they pay an excess baggage charge.

There is still a part of me that feels guilty when I argue that bookstores should not close, and yet I am either buying cheaper books online, or buying electronic books. Although I feel the guilt, there is also the selfish part of me that feels like buying the cheaper is so much better. If I go to a bookstore, a new book is $17-$20, (Remember when The Host came out, and it was $30?!), and I can buy the same new book for $9 online.

It's sad that bookstores are slowly becoming obsolete, but the prices and easiness of buying online outweighs the bookstores for many people.

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