Review: Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

Monday, July 30, 2012

Title: Clockwork Prince
Author: Cassandra Clare
Series: Infernal Devices (Prequel series of The Mortal Instruments)
Book #: 2
Release Date: December 6, 2011 I'm not even sure how to start this review. I finished Clockwork Prince last night, and hurriedly went onto Cassandra Clare's website for extras. My mind was pretty much boggled because I had SO many thoughts ad emotions running through my head at once.


One thing that kind of bothered me- I'll get this out before getting to the good parts- is that there wasn't a huge battle scene near the end of the book. Plus, we never got to see the antagonist during the book. I guess there was the scene with the automatons, but that happened with 100 pages left. It was just weird...but maybe it was to break away from the norm. All of Cassandra Clare's books have left us with a physical battle. Instead, she left us with a battle of emotions.

The plot overall was great. There were minor things that bothered me a little, but the revelations about Jessamine and Nathaniel, and Nate and Aunt Harriet were intriguing. They went together well as a couple, because I never liked either of them. I could never muster any sympathy for either of them, because they brought it on themselves by being so selfish and stupid, in my opinion. I also loved the scenes at the ball, and, obviously, all of the scenes with Tessa and Jem, and Will and Tessa.

Jem and Will. This is the part where I am sooo confused. I have always had a strong view for either one character or another in books. Always Jace in The Mortal Instruments, Edward in Twilight, Alex in Delirium, and yet, I can't figure out who I want Tessa to be with. I think Jem would be the best choice for her because he's so sweet, calm, and kind, but he is dying...but then again, that could be why he needs her to be with him. And when he proposed I was so happy for him. But Will should be with her because of what he went through to love her, their mutual love for books, and the fire he starts inside of Tessa. Who knows how Clare will end the trilogy in Clockwork Princess?! She can't make everyone happy, there's no way. But I also don't think the Herondale boys should always get the girl...

Will. I knew something was up with him from the beginning, that he wasn't really that cruel. Yet, I have to say that I prefer the snappy, sarcastic Will more than the giddy, pleasant, post-curse Will. It definitely made him more interesting as a character. Many he'll go back to being snappy and rude in the next one because he is so upset by Tessa and Jem...?

Jem. It makes me sad that such a lovely character is dying. I keep getting petrified that he will die soon :( There is only one book left...but she might not do it because all of the Team Jem followers would likely show up at her house with torches.

Charlotte and Henry. I am SO pleased they finally communicated to each other! I could see it all along, but it still bothered me that they both thought the other was in the relationship for the wrong reasons.

Sophie and Gideon. I really like Sophie, and I enjoyed getting to know more about her character in the sequel. I'm also glad she found Gideon, who I think is lovely. It also leaves me wondering...will Sophie and Gideon Lightwood become the ancestors of our Lightwoods in TMI?! Or will it be the awful Gabriel?

There are many questions that I can't wait to be why must I wait until March 2013?! It's cruel!! Anyway, I award this book five stars.

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  1. My heart is being ripped in two. It's awful. AWFUL I TELL YOU. Whatever shall we do? :'( Great review, though!


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