Review: Grecian Holiday by Kate Cann

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Title: Grecian Holiday
Author: Kate Cann
Series: Beach Books
Book #: 3
Release Date: June 4th, 2002
Page #: 352

Dear Mike,
Arrived at the old villa 3 days ago. It's all blue shy, white walls and heat here -- you'll see. Jade's's already heading for trouble and I can't suss Sarah out. Hope you and your mates are having a blast on your trek, especially without me dragging you down. I bet deep down you're glad I bailed out. Ill see you before this postcard even finds you.
Miss you Kelly XOX"
When Kelly opts out of a summer of roughing it with her intimidating, intense boyfriend, Mike, she doesn't realize she's opted into a summer that will change everything, especially herself.

This book...really gets me in a summery mood. I love all of Kate Cann's books, because they are so real. I feel like I could just be chatting to a girl my age about her summer holiday. This book is my favourite though, because it just drags you in to the kind of independent summer with friends I'm sure many teenagers have dreamed about. I also adore these books because the characters are a lot like me on certain levels. I love to travel, and this book definitely makes me want to go to Greece...
Kate Cann knows exactly how to get on a young adult's level. Especially girls. And she doesn't skirt around or elaborate on real "problems" teenagers go through. In many young adult novels, relationships- their issues and positives are certainly extended only to make an exciting book. However, Cann writes it how it is...or how, I suppose, I'm just beginning to kind of figure out relationships. It is a type of writing which makes me feel like my best friend wrote me a book about her life.
I really enjoyed Kelly's character. Although in many 'beach' type books, the characters are shallow and undeveloped, I felt like Kelly's character was developed just enough so that I could understand and relate to her, but not become completely annoyed by her. 
Unlike Kelly, I thought Mike was awful. I didn't enjoy his personality at all, and I think that was probably the intention when relationship issues are at the forefront of the story. 
As a fun, beach-y, vacation read, I would definitely pick up any of Kate Cann's books, but my number one would be Grecian Holiday. It was certainly a refreshing, enjoyable read!

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