eARC Review: Ours Is Just a Little Sorrow

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Title: Ours Is Just a Little Sorrow
Author: Gwen Hayes
Release Date: October 2, 2012
Format: eBook
Pages: 79

The colony of New Geneva has risen from the ashes of her dying mother planet, Earth, by rebuilding a society based on a time before everything went horribly, horribly wrong...the Victorian Era...

Violet Merriweather first sets eyes on Colonel Winston when he purchases her at auction from Witherspoon Academy, the orphanage where she’d been raised after her rescue from Earth. Dutifully, as she was taught, Violet pushes away her fear of the monstrous, forbidding Thornfield Abbey, and throws herself into her work as governess to the Colonel’s youngest son.

But the Colonel's elder sons have other ideas.

John and Gideon Winston are as different as night and day, and each wants to claim Violet for his own. John immediately charms her with his intelligence and cordial demeanor, while Gideon, the dark rogue, delights in flustering her at every opportunity, awakening a yearning she doesn't understand and most assuredly does not want. She tries to deny her pull to both men, but an uneasy midnight bargain with one forges a new alliance as she’s dazzled by an underground New Geneva she hadn't known existed. And temptations she cannot resist.

But something is preying on the women of New Geneva, something that threatens to unleash the ghosts of Thornfield and drag them all into hell. And that something wants Violet most of all.

Do you mind if I have a fangirl moment? No? Okay...EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE GIDEON WILL YOU MARRY ME?!

Okay, I'm good now. Let's just say I have one HUGE problem with this book. That is, that it's only 79 pages long. I want it to be an awesomely long, 600 page book that I can wrap my heart around for days.

One thing I absolutely loved about this book, is that it's almost like an original version of Jane Eyre- aka, my favourite book in the entire world, and Wuthering Heights. The original spin is that the setting is not on Earth...but it is set in the Victorian Era. The future and the past coming together on a new colony called New Geneva. Mind = Blown.

Although New Geneva is supposed to be a new safe haven for the refugees of the dying planet called Earth, it is not as safe as it is meant to be. There is a dark force lurking in the shadow world of New Geneva, and the novella's protagonist, Violet Merriweather will come into some terrifying contact with it.

Violet Merriweather is one of the refugees from Earth, recently bought from an orphanage to be the governess at Thornfield Manor, a dark, cold place where hearts have been broken, and turned to ice. As Violet attempts to teach her young charge, Phillip, servants and governesses are disappearing around her. However, Violet remains the strong, steady, and smart woman I wish I could be.

From the moment the three Winston brothers entered the story, I knew I was done for. First of all, little Phillip Winston is ADORABLE. He is so cute, you just want to say a loud "AWW" when he says anything. Yes, John, the oldest, is the sweet one, and everyone knows they should be with him, but when Gideon takes over your heart, there is no going back.

I think Gwen Hayes is aiming to ruin me to never be able to find a real boy who live up to the boys in books. While I was reading this book, my best friends kept getting a giggly ear-full about how amazing Gideon is, and how I plan for him to be my date to Homecoming... His broody, dark, sexy boy-who-thinks-the-world-is-against him vibe reminds me so much of a cross between Haden Black, from Hayes' first novel, and The Mortal Instrument's Jace Wayland. He is...so great. The entire time he was there, whispering darkly into Violet's ears, I would just giggle to myself...

As the plot thickens, the love becomes mixed in with a whirlwind of emotions...Shock, horror, glee, panic, everything. I would recommend reading this if you are the type of person to squeal with delight at book-boys, and enjoys a mix of romance and thrill.

Thank you SO much to Gwen Hayes for giving me an eARC of Sorrows. I would have bought a copy, but receiving an ARC is just really exciting. I can just say, Gwen Hayes, you were right. There is now a competition in my heart: Haden Black or Gideon Winston?

(P.S. Sorry my review was about as long as the book. I got carried away with my love for Gideon.)

Although the eBook will be released on Amazon on October 2nd, it is available for preorder NOW! Go HERE to preorder this fabulous book.

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