Update: My Imaginary Infernal Devices Cast

Monday, October 1, 2012

I originally chose Alex Pettyfer for Will Herondale. However, I was talking to my friend, and fellow book blogger, Amber Skye, and she suggested someone else... After who knows how long squealing over adorable YouTube videos of this boy, we came to the same conclusion.

Douglas Booth is our choice for Will.

It was kind of strange for me at first, because he was our original choice for Alec Lightwood. There is one picture where we think he looks like Alec, and one where he looks almost perfect for my brooding love, Will Herondale. These are the two pictures compared:

Alec Lightwood (Left) and Will Herondale (Right)

Does he not look like he's just stepped out of the cover of Clockwork Angel in the Will picture? It is from Great Expectations. A fan put together a trailer for Clockwork Prince using scenes from that movie, as it is set in the right time period, it's so good!


  1. It's probably weird to have a random stranger comment on your blog, but YES I AGREE, he's so perf... *sighs*

  2. Haha it's not weird at all, don't worry :) I know, apparently Amber Skye is just a genius.


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