Swoon-worthy Boys: Part 2

Monday, October 29, 2012

6. Edward Cullen: I know that a lot of people criticize Meyer's sparkly vampires, but I will always love my first vampire crush, Edward Cullen.

7. Jared Howe: I just love him so very much. Jared is another one of those brooding, self-loathing characters whose bad boy attitude just make you want to swoon. He is one of two incredible boys from Stephenie Meyer's The Host, and I love them both.

8. Ian O'Shea: Ian is the other boy I love from The Host, and he reminds me more of Peeta Mellark than Jace Wayland. He is sweet, emotional, and the exact opposite of Jared Howe.

9. Haden Black: Gwen Hayes is apparently a genius, because her first novel included an amazing character I would happily marry. His darkness makes him seem frightening at first, but as the book goes on, you can't help but swoon every time he..breathes, pretty much.

10: Gideon Winston: He is one of my new found loves. From Gwen Hayes' eNovella, Ours Is Just a Little Sorrow, Gideon is YET ANOTHER brooding boy, with an undercurrent of emotions that are torn from him throughout the book, until he is stripped down to a sweet boy.

Note: I'm aware I have a problem with brooding, sexy boys. I can't help it!

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