Review: City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare

Friday, May 18, 2012

I have literally just finished City of Lost Souls, the new Mortal Instruments book, and I'm not sure how I feel... Obviously, I am completely IN LOVE with the novel, but the twists and turns left me feeling like a kaleidoscope of emotions. I'm not sure which emotion is the most dominant, because over the last few days I have been bombarded with happiness, anger, shock, anxiousness, and a whole host of feelings I can't bottle down (Leaving me with rather embarrassing situations in which I squeal during class and get glares which might make an onlooker think I killed a person). Anyway, I'm digressing here.

The fifth installment of The Mortal Instruments is, in fan girl language, totally awesome. There are no words. Well there are some, like, OH MY GOODNESS. JACE. SEBASTIAN. JACE. AGHHH. If your brain thought like for a few days, you would be where I am right about now.

Throughout COLS, Clare switched characters, giving a wide range of character point of views and allowing the reader to understand each of the characters in a deeper way. It an sometimes be confusing to switch between so many different story lines, but Clare is so ingenious that she managed to do it in such a way that flowed. She also had a great way of separating each character by writing with their own "voice", making it easy to note when the POV changed.

In the fourth book, City of Fallen Angels, we are left with Valentine's son, "Sebastian" being killed and then brought back with the Greater Demon, Lilith's Mark which ties him to Jace. I wanted to cry when I read it!! Jace is the best book boy ever. Capable of making girl's swoon, even though he is fictional...a fact that I do not like to think about much, as I have dreamt of marrying him. However, the end of the book leaving you on one of Clare's infamous cliff-hangers, with a scene of blood and glass. Leaving me hanging until the new book came out.

*SPOILER ALERT*- If you haven't read the book, do not read past here. And feel ashamed that you haven't read this amazing series -_-

Just as the last book ended, the fifth book started. Jace is gone (*sniff sniff*), Clary is obviously heartbroken, and Simon is a vampire who is being treated like a monster by his human mother. Not surprising, if you ask me, but my love for Simon makes me feel extremely sorry for him when he is so lonely. I think that he and Clary were supposed to be together. Were... until Jace showed up like a lightning bolt and ruined their relationship. Of course, Clary and Simon are still best friends, but they could have been soul mates, if Jace hadn't commandeered her soul.

In COLS, I have heard that Clary annoyed some people. Her crazy decisions and the way she jumps to action are the reason why Clary is a great protagonist. I think it makes her admirable as a heroin who is in love with a boy, but will not let him paint her as a dame in need of rescuing. I thought she handled the whole possessed-boyfriend, brother-trying-to-kill-her thing pretty well for a sixteen year old girl.

Sebastian was a strange one for me in this book. In City of Glass when he was introduced, and in City of Fallen Angels, I was right alongside the Shadowhunters who hated Sebastian. But in this book, I found myself actually started to like and empathize with the bad guy *gasp*. Although every time he made me laugh and smile inwardly I tried to remind myself that he killed little Max Lightwood and tried to make his own sister fall in love with him and whatnot, I couldn't help myself! It shocked me that I saw him as another Jace, someone I could actually like instead of an evil Valentine Jr.

Simon and Isabelle. Okay, am I the only one who is bothered by this new happening? Don't get me wrong, I love love love Simon, even Simon as a vampire, but I'm not too sure about him with Izzy. As I said, I think Simon was destined to be with Clary. But as that can't really happen because of Jace, he will have to choose someone else, just not his ex(?)love Clary's boyfriend's sister. It's weird. I never really liked Izzy in the first place. She's too standoffish and I think Simon should be with someone a lot more friendly.

Maia and Jordan...Okay, how cute?! I love Jordan now!! He is completely adorable, and although I was not so sure about Maia in the beginning, I like her with Jordan. The relationship just seemed to fit for me, and there were definitely parts that had me squealing and looking like a lunatic. I think Maia and Jordan were destined to be together also from the very beginning. There's something sweet about their memories of their teenage romance, even if they are slightly marred by him turning her into a werewolf. That also brings out his softer and more emotional side, it's nice to be able to see an eighteen year old boy instead of just a werewolf.

Jocelyn and Luke. I really like Luke (are you sensing a pattern yet with the boys?). However, I found Jocelyn to be a lot less enjoyable in this book. To me she came off as aggressive and rude. Yes, I know her fiance is dying and her daughter has run off to be with a demon and his assistant, but still she could have shown a softer side. I was slightly disappointed that Luke wasn't in the book quite as much, but his role was always kind of in the periphery anyway.

Alec and Magnus. I have grown to like Alec. I didn't really in the beginning of the series because of his treatment towards Clary, but being Jace's parabatai it's nice seeing the brotherly bond. Magnus makes me laugh almost as much as Jace and Simon do. He has some really witty lines, and it's hard not to be amused by his craziness. I like the two of them together, I think they are two completely different people who fit together so well.

And now, JACE. I saved the best for last of course. I don't know what to say for him. He is just soooo great. If I could magically make any book character appear, I would. He is so charismatic, charming, hilariously arrogant, and has an underlying sense of vulnerability that he only lets out occasionally. When Jace was possessed I started to believe this was the real Jace, until I was able to realize that it was not him but Sebastian. The part where he comes back to Clary around the middle of the book, I was so happy I wanted to cry tears of joy.

In short, I love it. I love it. I love it. Cassandra Clare is pure genius, but she might kill me if she doesn't release City of Heavenly Fire soon. As of now I can't even check her website because the account has been temporarily shut down. I'm assuming to stop the flow of spoiler filled comments that could have the potential to ruin the book for other readers. I think it's smart of her, and, if my theory is correct, that she cares about her readers experience with the book. The amazing, crazy, magnificent, thrilling book. I might be typing this and turning back to page one to reread it O.o

P.S. Sorry for rambling, but then again, it is a reader's ramblings on this website :) And I am also sorry for basically abandoning my blog for so long!!

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  1. Gahhhh I love this book so much <3 Wonderful review! Now, we just have to survive until 2014.... Yeah, I don't think I can make it.

  2. The book was fantastic, though I felt that some parts were a little drawn out a bit longer than they needed to be. But how could it not considering that you touched on more than half of the characters narrating different parts of her book. With that, there was a bit more of a fleshed out feeling, so you knew what everyone was doing especially since they were in different parts of the world. I'm eager to see how she is going to finish up the series in the next book and what she had in store for us there.

  3. I just got this one in the mail. I am trying to decide if I should just read it or try to re-read the first four before reading it... Your review has me very excited for it now!!!

  4. It is absolutely awesome, I hope you reread the first four!! What did you think?


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