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Monday, May 28, 2012

Okay, first of all, I feel extremely lame for waiting soooo long to help the tag chain along. However, I'm getting back into blogging as the craziness of this school year dies down, and I came across a comment from my affiliate, Amber Skye, saying I have been tagged.

The Rules: List ten fun facts about yourself, link back to your tagger, and then link to five other bloggers.

First of all, thank you Amber Skye from The Reading Addict for tagging me, it's really appreciated :)

Here are my ten facts:

1. I am obsessed with Starbucks
2. I love the Food Network, even though I don't cook...
3. I love love love Ed Sheeran- a singer/songwriter from England
4. I have broken my wrist in the same place twice (Fingers crossed there won't be a third)
5. My favourite movie is Titanic.  I cry every single time. JACK <3
6. My affiliate Amber Skye got me started on blogging :)
7. I can't watch the last Harry Potter movie without crying.
8. My favourite season is summer, because I love the heat and sunshine.
9. I have a cat...she hates me.
10. I have an unhealthy addiction to Grey's Anatomy, Jace Wayland, and my iPhone.

And so, I am tagging:

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  1. Hehehe is it sad that I knew all of these? Best friends <3

    Now I want Starbucks. Curse you.


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