Update: Film Friday: Alex Pettyfer

Friday, January 14, 2011

Okay, I have had some time to think about and research Alex Pettyfer (yes, look up a ton of pictures of him), and I think I have changed my mind about some of the things I said about him in my Film Friday. To see the original Film Friday featuring Alex Pettyfer, click HERE.

One thing that I have changed my mind about is Alex Pettyfer playing Jace Wayland. At first I wasn't thrilled by the idea, because, in my mind, absolutely no one was worthy enough to play possibly my favourite male book character ever. Jace is supposed to be fantastically good looking, sarcastic and funny. I couldn't see anyone be perfect for the part. Now, I have come around and I think the only person who can play Jace is Alex Pettyfer!! Part of the reason why I changed my mind are these picture and a youtube video which will be at the end of the post.

I think he looks like Jace in both of these because it shows he can be serious (and seriously good looking), but also playful. Also, he has abs like the model on the cover of City of Bones.

I also may have changed my mind about the definite no I said to him being Peeta Mellark in the upcoming Hunger Games movie (click HERE for my Film Friday about the movie). I'm not saying I think he is the perfect Peeta. I still don't exactly agree that he could be so innocent...but, having said that, I think he looks perfect in this picture.
Thanks to my affiliate Amber Skye at Reading Addict, I am now in agreement with her about Alex Pettyfer. Also, thanks to Amber for enduring many, many hours of Alex Pettyfer pictures and videos with me...although I'm sure she wasn't too put out by it! Haha. What do you think of him playing Jace? Peeta?

Here are some of the Youtube videos that also swayed my view:

I love Alex Pettyfer at :37! Hahaha! It never gets old. I have seen this video about one hundred times, and I still laugh out loud at that part.

I find this one absolutely hilarious too! I like the comment about Alexpettyfersaurus. Enjoy.


  1. I love him :) Not only is he extremely good-looking, but he is also hilarious and talented. I definitely think he could pull off Jace's role. I'm not so sure about Peeta, but maybe.

  2. Me too!! He is...all of those things and more! :D I agree, I think he is Jace. I think he might be able to play Peeta. I don't think he will if he plays JAce though, do you?

  3. Just revisiting this, and I'm still in love with him. Just saying...................


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