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Saturday, December 8, 2012

You may have noticed my growing collection of Team Stickers, over on the left hand side. It is pretty much a list of boys that I would marry if they were real *sigh*. Let's just pretend, for now, that they are. You don't do that anyway? Well, I do...

Moving on. My list of boys contains the sexy and the sweet, the good and the bad, but never the ugly. Unless you are looking at pictures of Jamie Campbell Bower from The Mortal Instruments movie.

TEAM ALEX (Delirium):

Alex Sheathes, the Invalid from the Wilds, the one who stole my heart along with Lena's. He is just my dystopian type, a soldier fighting for the good, fighting against the evil alongside Adam Kent and  Peeta Mellark.
“Lena.” Alex puts a hand on each of my elbows and guides me around to face him. When I refuse to meet his eyes, he tilts my chin upward, forcing me to look at him. “Magdalena,” he repeats, the first time since we met that he has ever used my full name. “Your mother loved you. Do you understand that? She loved you. She still loves you. She wanted you to be safe.”

“And I love you too.” His fingers skate the edge of my jaw, dance briefly over my lips. “You should know that. You have to know that.” 
He is a part of the Resistance, one of the fighters against the overpowering government who keep the cage doors locked on the population. The Resistance, and Alex, fight for justice and freedom. One thing gets in the way, though, that stops him from dedicating his entire life to the cause: Lena.

“I left a note for you one time. In the Governor’s fist, you know? I left a note for you one time. It’s impossible, too crazy to think about, and I hear myself repeating, “You left a note for me?” 
“I’m pretty sure it said something stupid. Just hi, and a smiley face, and my name. But then you stopped coming.”

Lena, a girl who was stuck inside the cage, inside the gated community of Cured, was exactly the opposite Alex. She was ready for the surgery to get rid of her emotions and become a real part of society under the totalitarian government. Alex shows her the way to a free life, one where you are allowed to read poetry and have emotions. Where you are allowed to love someone. Where you are free to love, laugh, sing, dance...all things that the government has barred from society.
“Would you like to?” he says. His voice is hardly audible above the wind— so low it’s barely a whisper.
“Would I like to what?” My heart is roaring, rushing in my ears, and though there are still several inches between his hand and mine, there’s a zipping, humming energy that connects us, and from the heat flooding my body you would think we were pressed together, palm to palm, face to face.
“Dance,” he says, at the same time closing those last few inches and finding my hand and pulling me closer, and at that second the song hits a high note and I confuse the two impressions, of his hand and the soaring, the lifting of the music. We dance.”
That would be me ^

Alex is the epitome of free. He, in my mind, has floppy hair and gorgeous eyes, strong muscles and tanned skin just breathe life into Lena's bubble wrapped world. One of my favourite things about Alex is his love for reading and how he wants to share it with Lena. Obviously, I love to read, and a boy who shares that love would be great for me. 
“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.”“I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach…”“I love thee to the level of every day’s most quite need…’”He kisses each cheekbone, a delicious, skimming kiss, , barely grazing my skin “I love thee freely…”“Alex,” I say, a little louder. My heart beating so fast I’m afraid it will burst from my ribs.He pulls back and gives me a small, crooked smile. “Elizabeth Barrett Browning,” he says, then traces a finger over the bridge of my nose. “You don’t like it?”


Alex pretty much IS the only team. I do not believe in having a Team Whatshisname... Okay, his name is *squints eyes* JULIAN. He bothers me. A lot. WE ALL KNEW Alex was not dead. Why Lauren Oliver. WHY?

There was NO doubt in my mind, because Lauren Oliver would not kill off the boy we have spent the first book falling absolutely in love with. So, the dreaded love triangle is born. Only the girl thinks boy number one is dead. What do you know when the supposed "love of your life" dies?! No. You do not "fall in love" with a new guy within about three minutes. Humph. TEAM ALEX ALL THE WAY.

"Don't Believe Her." *sobs* Ohhhh Alex.

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