Film Friday: The Hunger Games

Friday, June 29, 2012

"I refuse to see this stupid movie!" is what I often said before the Hunger Games film adaptation was released. I'm sure my friends and family knew I would cave in to my curiosity when the movie actually came out. And they were right.

I was extremely shocked...and certainly delighted by the movie. I was shocked that so many of my favourite scenes were brought to life instead of being left on the cutting room floor along with the essence of the original book. The filmmakers were obviously fans of the book and did a great job of bringing Suzanne Collins' vision to life.

Peeta. Mellark. I love his character to death. And sadly death was a close call a few times. When I heard that my beloved Peeta was being played by a short, brown haired guy, I was upset. To say the very least. I think my wallowing was on the opposite side of the spectrum, a tad dramatic perhaps. However, I was floored by Josh Hutcherson's performance. And I might add that he was featured as the background of my phone for a while.

Another similar story, but a slightly less degree was Katniss. I couldn't imagine just any random playing such a hero, but the way Jennifer Lawrence captured the character so well was incredible. I feel like Katniss actually got up on the screen in front of us. Or maybe the role was just written for Jennifer??

Overall, the action and suspense was EPIC and I felt the same adrenaline rush that I did when reading the books. The softer, more emotional scenes were also great. I think the filmmakers just did an amazing job of captured the feel for the books and producing on screen.

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