Film Friday: The Host

Friday, June 22, 2012

Title: The Host
Author: Stephenie Meyer
Theatre Release Date: March 29, 2

I am slightly skeptical about the Host being adapted into a film, for two reasons. One: I'm worried that it will turn out like the dreaded Twilight movies. Twilight has kind of become a bad joke, because the movies (especially the first one) were laughable. The second reason why Stephenie Meyer's first adult-oriented book might be a mistake is the same nervous feeling I get when any adaptations is being made now. 

"There is NO way I am seeing The Hunger Games, because Peeta is totally wrong! I refuse!!". Before The Hunger Games movie came out, I must have said that a million times. I was so sure I wouldn't see the movie, because it would "ruin the book". However, I saw it...surprise surprise, I actually LOVED it. And I thought Peeta was a great fit for the role. At the moment I am feeling the same mindset that I felt with THG. But I still think I will see the Host, because it will be too tempting to miss out on when I adored the book so much.

Although I changed my mind about Peeta, I don't think even a great performance can make me like the girl who is playing Melanie/Wanda. Saoirse Ronan has never been on my list of favourite actresses...and not only because I have no idea to say her name. This might sound mean, but I can't stand her very much and I don't think she is a good fit for the character(s) whatsoever.

I'm slightly more accepting of Max Irons playing Jared. Not because that's how I pictured Jared, it isn't, but I like him as an actor. The good looks don't hurt either.

As of now, filming is on its way and the Host movie page on Stephenie Meyer's blog is being updated:

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