Film Friday: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; Part 2!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Wizards, with wands ready, lined up with muggles and other magical creatures for the stroke of midnight. Anticipation was thick in the air and excitement evident in their eyes. This could only mean one thing: The last Harry Potter midnight premiere.

It was the best of all the Harry Potter movies, and it was my favourite by far. It was also my favourite of the books because of the intricacy of the plot. Although the plot line is riddled with darkness and doom, there was a light, comic relief, and a sadness which had me crying the entire way through the movie. At one point, my friend and I were crying so hard, we burst out laughing...not the best during the solemn and quiet scene.

The tag line "It All Ends Here"  was absolutely accurate, and I am so glad the epic finale went out with a bang.

To the woman who changed many lives forever through her extraordinary imagination, you have created a magical world which feels real to many fans, and nothing will ever compare. The ends are all tied up and the story is finished, but Harry Potter will live on in our hearts. It may be cheesy, but it is definitely true.

"As long as we have these books, there will always be a Dumbledore’s Army. Parseltongue will be a national language. Quidditch will be considered a real sport, and butter beer will be a favorite drink. Being called a witch will be a compliment, and mischievous students worldwide will “solemnly swear that [they] are up to no good.”" - Amber Skye at Reading Addict.

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  1. Great Eliza, now you've done it. I'm getting all emotional again! But great post :) I have to agree with everything you said. Also, thanks for quoting me! *blushes*


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