Review: A Year in Europe Trilogy- London: Robin and Kit

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Title: A Year In Europe Book 1: London: Kit and Robin
Author: Rachel Hawthorne
Series: A Year In Europe
Book #: 1
Page #: 192
Release Date: September 12th, 2000
My Rating: 3/5

Robin's falling fast for an English guy named Kit Marlin. There are just a few tiny problems: 1) She's living with him and his family in London for the year. 2) He treats her like a sister. 3) He has a gorgeous girlfriend. So she should just get over him and avoid a broken heart, right?

During Spring Break, I really got into a phase of reading cute, romantic, beachy-type books. Books where you can stop thinking and just enjoy a cute story. I don't know why I got into this phase- I think it's my summer-itis. My first beach read was A Year In Europe: London: Kit and Robin. The series is based on three best friends who spend a year in a Study Abroad program in Europe. Each of the girls has their own country and their own book in the trilogy.

The first friend, Robin, stays in London. When Robin gets off the plane, she finds that her "sister" for the year is actually a brother, she is shocked. To impress him, Robin speaks only in a whisper, to try to disguise her "hick" Texan accent.

Honestly, Robin bothered me. Throughout the book, I couldn't fathom why she had tried to hide who she really was. Kit, however, was extremely cute. He was understanding of Robin, and tried to help her acclimatize to her new surroundings.

Being from England, I found Robin's reaction to the language differences between England and America absolutely hilarious! My American best friend is also reading the book, and she is as confused as Robin.

Overall, the book was a cute, quick read, if a little annoying during some parts. I am giving this a rating of three masks.

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