Crazy for Books: Book Blogger Hop!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Jennifer at Crazy for Books puts on an event every week called the Book Blogger Hop. This event connects a book blogger to other book blogger, and it seems fun! Anyone who has a book blog can enter if they primarily post about books. Click HERE to read more about it and enter the list. You do not have to enter the list every week, you can do it whenever you like. Every week that you enter, you have to answer a question from another participant.

Today's question is: What very popular and hyped book in the blogosphere did you NOT enjoy and how did you feel about posting your review?

My Answer: I have to say that there hasn't been a hyped up book I haven't enjoyed while it was hyped up. Also, I haven't had my blog long enough to review such a hyped up book. I did enjoy the books people had been excited for, such as Twilight, Harry Potter, and City of Bones, although read and liked most of those after the event.


  1. Just found your blog through the hop!!! I love the layout!!! I hope you are having a good weekend so far!!! It does look like you are newer to the blogging world, if you are WELCOME!!!! Feel free to visit my place at Addicted To Romance

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Thank you very much! I am new to the blogging world :) I have been on for about a month now. I'm having a great weekend so far, thanks. Are you? I'm checking out your blog now :D

  3. I must confess I've never heard of City of Bones. Twilight I disliked and Harry Potter I loved.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. I hadn't heard of them until about two months ago when my friend reccommended them to me. They are fantastic! You should read them (if only just for Jace). I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about Twilight, and I think the movies made everything worse...I LOVE Harry Potter!! I can't wait for the last movie, because Deathly Hallows is my favourite of the books. Have a great weekend too!


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